Love Covers

Love covers a multitude of sin.  This is what the Holy Spirit is bringing to my  mind a lot here lately. Jesus died for our sins. He knew what I was going to do, say and think before the foundation of the world. So if I am supposed to be like Him and walk in love and forgiveness, a lot of the ‘things’ that I let bother me.. I need to let-them-go!

They are the carnal-minded things (dealing with the 5 senses) that I have been looking at and reacting to.  Thank you, Lord for reminding me to be spiritually minded . That is what will produce life, rest and peace.  I am seated with Christ in heavenly places.  I can ‘rest’ in that.  It is from a place of rest that I can love on people and overcome the flesh.  I don’t have to fight “for victory” or defend anything.   I am not fighting to obtain, but rather to maintain.  From a position of victory, I reign.

I am not  condemned, because I am already forgiven. I  repent because I am a Christian.   I am so glad I am seated in heavenly places in Christ. Each day, I remind myself that I reign with Him. I choose to walk in His kind of thinking & to look at people with His kind of love, and the peace of God that passes all understanding reigns in my heart.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit resides in my born again spirit man.   I choose to rest in Him daily no matter what the natural circumstances are that I face.

1 Peter 4:8 NLT

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sin.

This verse has been coming to my mind every time I am about to say something negative or judgmental about someone or a situation. (carnal minded)  Love covers…I am choosing to draw on the fruit of the spirit (spirit minded) that resides in me, I’m resting in Him and letting my character (soul area) become more like Jesus everyday. I am reigning with Christ & resting in Him.  I know I am repeating myself.   But it needs to be repeated. I am “renewing my mind”. LOL. This is learning to walk by faith and to stop putting confidence in the flesh on a daily basis. Sometimes I fall down, but I will always get back up and continue my walk of faith!   Amen & Amen!

God Bless!



“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.” Rick Godwin


About itisnotaboutme

I am a wife and mother, but first of all a child of God. Walking by faith, His grace and His mercy. Learning how to bind my mind to the mind of Christ, my steps to the path He has called me to walk and my will to the Will of God. Every day I loose the old nature, attitude and thoughts off me. (Mt 16:19) I am dead and have been crucified with Him and have risen to new life in Him being a new creation in Christ.
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