Keep it Simple

During my quiet time, I’ve felt impressed to write down what God’s done for/ told me in my walk with Him. (Rev 12:11)  Recently, He’s had me “focus” on Him; telling me it is not about “me” that it is about Him (Christ) in me our hope of glory.  The enemy of our soul comes against us to steal, kill and destroy­­­­­ all the works that Christ did by dying on the Cross to restore back to us what he took in the garden.   When we boil it down to that, it is very simple.

When I look back over the years, months and days, my Father God has done so very much on my behalf!  He’s interceded through Jesus and the Holy Spirit – my Comforter and one called alongside to show me what to do in time of trouble or need. He has poured out His love on me to show His love to others in their time of need.

I have come across situations when people reacted to my “word” from the Lord.   They didn’t receive what I said very well.  When you feel the Lord’s calling you to be a leader in His Kingdom, you are thinking:  Okay, that went great!  This is what the Holy Spirit is saying to me, “It is not about you, Hot Rod! (My Pastor’s vernacular for a teenager’s self-centeredness.)  It’s about them.  They are going through things in their life.  I gave you that Word, and your heart was in the right place.  If they were reactive or negative, you are not to take it personal.  It isn’t about YOU. “   We are not to be offended for the Word’s sake.

I am also being told to stop being “selfish & self-centered”.  As we move to AR, it is a huge thing in our lives to leave our beloved church, family and friends.  Again, the Holy Spirit is saying to me, “It’s not about you, Hot Rod! It is about the Kingdom of God.”  The body of Christ is all over the world, and more importantly the unsaved ones are all over, too!  It isn’t just in the town where I am living.  We are to be a testimony wherever we go.  The gifts and callings are without repentance.  He has a plan and purpose for my life, and I will walk in that plan wherever I go.  JT and I are excited that we are obeying Him and He will show us the plan like he did Abraham & Sarah. (This is our “Abrahamic time”)

I am going to stop with that.  Next time: I hope I was a witness when I went to my daughter’s memorial service in Tacoma, WA.  She was only 41 yrs old when she decided to end her life on March 21st of this year.


About itisnotaboutme

I am a wife and mother, but first of all a child of God. Walking by faith, His grace and His mercy. Learning how to bind my mind to the mind of Christ, my steps to the path He has called me to walk and my will to the Will of God. Every day I loose the old nature, attitude and thoughts off me. (Mt 16:19) I am dead and have been crucified with Him and have risen to new life in Him being a new creation in Christ.
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2 Responses to Keep it Simple

  1. Dee Wyler says:

    YOU are the most amazing lady I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

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